Founded in 2009, in Paris, Theatre Fools and Feathers considers (believes) that theatre should be a place of wonder, an "mesmerizing" space that celebrates and reveals, in the most dramatic ways, beauty and pain, hope and despair, lights and shadows which highlight the more "ordinary" aspect of our lives.

Our company defends theatre rooted in utmost sincerity, always adapting to the aesthetics chosen by the director, for the duration of one or several projects. We consider that each new show should deepen the unique relationship which exists between the art of the actor, the eye of the director, the invention of a scenic language imbued with meaning, the creation of new texts or the reinvention of classics from world literature.

More generally, Theatre Fools and Feathers seeks to promote artistic creation, education, production of live theatre shows or film projects, artistic and cultural activities, leading workshops as well as developing cultural exchanges between authors, teachers, artists, institutions and producers.

For its first two creations, Theatre Fools and Feathers has chosen to collaborate with British and Quebecois artsists, Sophie Brech and Louis Fortier, who both directed, wrote, and currently perform in "The Tragi-comic Destiny of Tubby and Nottubby" and "Out of the Dark", touring since 2011 and 2012.

Over the years, along side their own creative work, Sophie Brech and Louis Fortier are associated to other artistic projects with directors such as Robert Lepage, Shuji Onodera, Omar Porras and Andrew Wilson. Their capacity for reinvention and newness as well as their unique, creative journeys' continually feeds the strength and richness of their artistic work.

Its been a privilege for Theatre Fools and Feathers to collaborate with such rare artists: Our encounter with Sophie Brech and Louis Fortier has encouraged us to search for powerful artistic choices and directions, and therefore to associate with artists who have strong visions, rooted in theatricality and truth at all times.

Mark Jamous, Chairman of Fools Theatre and Feathers