Fools and Feathers Theatre Company is Quebecois, French and British. It’s founding members, Louis Fortier and Sophie Brech, studied under Jacques Lecoq from 1997 to 1999, and subsequently became assistants of Mario Gonzalez, at the National School of Dramatic Arts in Paris. Their artistic careers have led them to travel from Canada to France, via Bosnia, Italy, South Korea, and England. In addition to creating their own shows, they have also been actors in other theatre companies such as Teatro Malandro, directed by Omar Porras, and Company Act, directed by Andrew Wilson.

Fools and Feathers theatre company are strongly influenced and inspired by their former training at the Jacques Lecoq school in Paris ; Choosing plays, stories and characters that everyone can recognise and relate to, their aim is to touch the hearts of the public through simplicity and sincerity. In a constant search for beauty and truth, they intend to take the public on a poetic and imaginative journey, so that they leave feeling that they have experienced something new, and question the world in which we live.

In choosing to use the physical body of the actor as an essential tool, they are interested in creating non-realistic theatre nonetheless rooted in sincerity, namely through highly theatrical means such as clowns and masks. They wish to take ordinary, everyday characters, and make them extraordinary.